A distinctive touch for performance-driven comedy has won Randy Hackett many fans around the country. Hackett”s work, which includes campaigns for Comcast, Delta Airlines, Vonage, Volvo, ESPN, Motel 6 and ABC-TV among many others, often centers on ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations. He also has extensive experience working with talented celebrity actors and sports figures. He started as a copywriter and later served as a creative director.

Since turning to directing full time, Hackett has established himself as a unique comic stylist. Two commercials he directed are on permanent display at MOMA. His directorial awards include AICP, Hatch, New York Festivals and Clios among others. In addition to commercials, Hackett has directed projects for clients such as Showtime and Microsoft.

A native New Yorker, Hackett now lives in Ipswich, MA with his wife and children.